Grandstand Hillegom

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Want to watch the Bloemencorso 2019 [flower parade] from a seat on the covered stand at the town of Hillegom!? You’ll enjoy the surroundings and music whilst quietly waiting for the Bloemencorso in the luxury stands!

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The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek [flower parade] happens at saterday 13th april 2019. This year's theme is “Changing World!”A day full of celebrations to enjoy all the beauty the worldwide renowned flower region has to offer. And that applies even more on a seat at a grandstand, which is covered, well catered (so one can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a pastry or even a lunch package). Clean sanitary facilities are available and an experienced speaker highlights the specials of the passing flower parade.

De prijs voor een tribuneplaats is € 24,95 pp. Wees ruim op tijd want Hillegom is vanwege de drukte niet gemakkelijk te bereiken.

Location: Veld tussen de Sixtlaan en de 208, vlakbij de rotonde met afslag Hoofdstraat richting ING BANK