Grandstand Hillegom

Ticket starts at: 24.95

Watch the Bloemencorso 2020, the greatest flowerparade, front row from a seat in the covered stand in the town of Lisse!



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The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek [the Flower Parade] is on Saturday April 25th 2020. This year's theme is “Freedom!”Celebrate and enjoy the beauty the flower bulb industry in this area of the Netherlands (literally bulb area) has to offer. It is even more enjoyable while seated at a covered grandstand, well catered (enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a pastry or even a lunch package). Clean sanitary facilities are available and an experienced speaker highlights the specials of the passing flower parade. Parkingspaces next to the grandstand are available if you arrive on time.

Tickets voor een plek op deze tribune kosten 24,95 euro.

Wees voor het parkeren dus op tijd, want door drukte lopen de toegangswegen vol. Voor meer informatie, Find out here how to drive to the Grandstand Hillegom

Het Bloemencorso wordt om 17.00 uur verwacht.

Additional reservations

Enjoy your visit at the Parade even more by booking the next activities:

Boat tour with lunch

Why wouldn't you make your visit to the flowerparade even more interesting by taking a boat tour. In these electric boats you'll have a totally different view on the extraordinary flowerfields and their historical structure. On board you'll enjoy a simple lunch of a breadroll, cake and some drinks. There are 2 boats. One can take 11 people and the ohter 8. The tour takes about 1.5 hour. The departure is about a 10 minuts walk from the Grandstand in Hillegom.

  • Departures at: 13.30 | 15.30
  • Price: €39,95
  • Lasts: +/- 1,5 uur
Lunch in historical former agricultural school building

The Villa Flora is an authentic hotel in LIsse and only a short walk from the Grandstand. Lunch is only available if booked in advance through this site.

  • Different Dutch soups
  • Different hard and soft rolls with various toppings
  • Vers fruit & verse salade
  • Beverages included
  • Price: € 19,95
  • From: 12:30 – 16:00

A varied dinner buffet is surved shortly after the flower parade has passed through. The location is the authenthic hotel "Villa Flora" at walking distance from the Grandstand. Dinner is only available through reservation on this site. The following dishes will be served:

  • Various salads like meat, potatoe and greensalads
  • Cold marinated salmon
  • Warm dishes like chicken saté skewers with bami/nasi, prawnskewers and beef stew
  • icecream dessert
  • 3 beverages included
  • Price: € 49,95
  • From: right after end of corso to 9 pm